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Our desire is to gather together those who long to see God pour out His Holy Spirit upon the Alliance and to reignite a passion for a radical recommitment to Jesus Christ and to our call to world evangelization.

We believe the Lord's desire is to bring a fresh wind of His Spirit through the Alliance Movement. We base this belief on scriptural promises, how
the Lord has historically dealt with the Alliance, a covenantal commitment between early Alliance leadership and the Lord Jesus Christ and the current institutional changes in both mindset and organization of the Alliance.

We believe the Lord has a specific redemptive and reviving message
for the Alliance that will move us forward to fulfill the passion and calling
for which He raised the Alliance up in the beginning. We will gather in an attempt to hear and obey His message to our movement and to seek to receive a fresh empowerment of His Spirit.

We believe we can approach this gathering with confidence that we are responding to His gracious and loving heart for our movement and that He will do this work of reviving however, whenever and through whomever He wills to do it. We recognize that He might choose to do no more than simply refresh spiritually those attending, or He may begin pouring out His Spirit in corporate revival on the denomination. Either is a sovereign work of God and we will not presume to know what He will do nor plan for a specific outcome.

We believe that the work of these gatherings is likely to be individual and not institutional. We believe the Lord has been and will continue preparing individual pastors, missionaries, lay leaders and numerous congregations to receive His reviving word - His message to the Alliance; to be accompanied by His enabling and life giving power of His Spirit.
These conferences will continue as a gathering place for such people.

We believe therefore that these gatherings will promote a growing network of hungry hearted people many of whom may be raised up to steward and shepherd a movement of revival within the Alliance.

We believe this conference should not focus on reviving or reemphasizing the doctrines and distinctives of the Alliance but rather it will be focused on the heart, the life and experience of Christ from which the particular doctrines and distinctives arose.

We believe that in every way the leaders of the conference are to work with the National and District Leadership in an attitude of respect, trust and unity. We are committed before the Lord to work in a spirit of cooperation and open communication with all levels of denominational leadership.

We believe this conference is only a wineskin - Lord pour in the new wine!

Presentations: Large group plenary sessions; small group sessions.

Prayer Blocks: Time scheduled for corporate prayer, personal ministry, and impartation.

Processing Time:
Scheduled in large group or in small "break out" sessions to discuss what we perceive the Lord is doing and saying
through the conference.

A group of conference leaders will mediate these discussions -
during and at the conclusion of the conference to determine the next step,
if any.

Putting it Together:
Establish an on-going network of "prepared people."