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These testimonies are from participants from the 2010 Gathering. These testimonies have been used with signed permission from each individual.

"It was all I could do at times to stay in my seat as such powerful truth was shared. I've found that this life is the only life to aspire to and pursue.. I can't wait to see what unfolds as we walk into this as a family."

April Duncan

"The greatest part of the conference for me was at the first session where I realized that 'CMA stands preeminently for the supernatural'. I was not aware that the CMA had full gospel roots. I had been struggling with attending church, thinking I would need to go elsewhere in order to experience the fullness of the Spirit. So needless to say, I was ecstatic when I heard the good news that the CMA actually embraced the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Now I am excited to go back to my church and enjoy the freedom of walking in the Spirit without feeling guilt or fear. Thank you for "Rekindling the Fire."

Drinda Smith

"…I knew God wanted me here and He knows my heart - with every fiber of my being I want to be obedient and devoted to Him and bring Him glory. So I prayed: 'Open my mind and heart to Your truth, Your Word and Your purpose.' Show me why You wanted me to come here. He is faithful and He did show me - clearly! Without any doubt! If I had not come and learned and surrendered, I would have opposed my dear pastor and his wife as they seek to lead our church to the fullness of the Christ Life in all its biblical fullness. Now I will support them in obedience and joy! PRAISE THE LORD!"

Judy Jamieson

"I wasn't sure what to expect of the Gathering, I wasn't much interested to tell you the truth. As days passed I became convinced that God called me here, and I also grew convicted of my sin and how much God is grieved by my persistent sinning. I gained so much knowledge, and confidence after the Gathering through the work of Christ that I am able take on a transformation in my life and become a dedicated Christian demonstrating faith through deeds as I should have been before."

Trevor Hautz

"Beginning Tuesday, I had confirmations that my yearnings for a deeper walk with the Lord were right on! I realized that that deeper walk could take me into spiritual things but not only was ok with that, I WANTED THAT! …How I've longed to worship the Lord or see Him at work and be able to look at someone and make that special contact visually. Just to look at someone and say, 'yes, that was God!' Now to learn spiritual matters was at the utmost importance to our founders. WOW. I feel like I have permission to be spiritual. Not just intellectual and cerebral. SPIRITUAL. I feel like, no, I know now I can receive all God has for me and has had for me from the foundations of the world! I can receive them and embrace them and excercise them for the benefit of the body of Christ! I cannot wait to see people's lives changed! This is LIFE. Not warming a pew. Loving the Holy Spirit is LIFE. I can never express what these three days have meant to me."

Patti Kraus

"I had a healing of my knee and back, while sitting in the pew. I had a sharp pain in my knee from an old injury. The leader said the Spirit was healing even as he spoke. He said some of you are feeling warmth in a part of your body, and as he said it my knee was warm and the pain was gone."

Bill Duncan

"I enjoyed just watching and listening to the stories of how God's Holy Spirit is working in the C&MA and changing lives."

John Pavlican

"Again the most significant thing for me here at Rekindle was the historical documentation of men and women in Alliance circles that experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. And yet, the main biblical foundation is the Lord Jesus Christ exalted as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King. God's Spirit truly has rekindled my heart to glorify Him and remain true and faithful to His Word. Totally dependent on Christ and His Helper to equip me as a pastor (His servant) to preach, teach and shepherd His flock."

Daniel Beeman

"The conference stretched me somewhat out of my 'comfort zone', which is a good. It was enlightening, encouraging - refreshing and renewing!

Wayne Eppehimer

"As a worship leader and seeing to point people to Jesus thru music, I was so refreshed to continue in the Holy Spirit's power… I'm grateful to experience this event with my husband…"

Colleen Galstrom