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"God has met me at the previous Gatherings, and I have been renewed in my spirit and my passion for Jesus and His Word and work. This experience is one that I would like more of our Alliance family to experience... Rekindle the Flame reflects our core values, and I encourage every layperson and official worker to join us... Be prepared to allow God to speak to your heart and empower your life."
~ Gary Benedict, Christian & Missionary Alliance President

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Rekindle the Flame Gathering. We believe the Lord's desire is to bring a fresh wind of His Spirit throughout the Alliance movement. Our desire is to call together those who long to know the manifest presence and power of our living Lord Jesus Christ, and who desire to fan into flame a radical recommitment to advance His Kingdom throughout our world!

Shortly before He died, A.B. Simpson, the founder of the Christian & Missionary Alliance penned these words:

"The Holy Spirit originated the Alliance in order to produce
in modern times an attested copy of the Church of apostolic
times. At whatever cost we must hold to the original type of
this movement as revealed by the Spirit through the Word…
Only He who gave us the pattern, the blessed Holy Spirit, can
keep us true to that pattern.
I have written frankly out of my heart,
for I greatly desire to see the Alliance preserved in an increasing and sustained vitality of spiritual life, an efficiency of ministry
and scripturalness of statement until Jesus comes."

The Lord raised up the Christian and Missionary Alliance to declare and to demonstrate His gospel in the power of His Spirit revealing His glory among the nations!

As we gather to seek His face, may the Lord pour out His Spirit, rekindle the flame and restore to Himself "the original type of this movement as revealed by the Spirit through the Word."

Please plan to join with Him and with many others of kindred heart as He gathers us together to pour out His Spirit with a passion of Pentecost to Rekindle the Flame!

Brad Bush, Lead Pastor
Maple Ridge Community Church

Jonathan Graf
Author & Prayer Moblizer


© 2012 Rekindle the Flame, All Rights Reserved